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La fiebre que ocasionó el personaje de Sarah Jessica Parker en ‘Sex and the City’ aún no muere

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El mayor acierto en la carrera de Sarah Jessica Parker ha sido su personaje “Carrie Bradshaw”, el cual marcó una época de liberación sexual, sin imaginar que tendría una marcada relevancia cultural. Así nos lo demuestra Dan Clay, quien inició un tributo en el 2017.

Dan creó a su personaje “Carri Dragsahw”, inspirado en “Bradshaw”, con el que presume la réplica de los exclusivos diseños de Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Versace portados por una de las protagonistas de Sex and the City.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of SATC! Part 1 of 2 🎂 As I stepped out from the archives in an outfit worth celebrating, I couldn’t help but wonder: Can you ever really wear the same dress twice? Because even if it is the same dress, you’re not the same girl. Maybe it’s that way with memories, too. Maybe our mind is like a great TV show: You never really watch the same episode twice. Because you’re always watching it with new eyes, seeing new things, finding new meanings. I guess that’s how something 20 years old can make you feel brand new. Familiar, fresh and fabulous all at the same time...like chicken soup with a sole. 20 years of Samantha. “I love you, but I love me more.” 20 years of Miranda. “I want to enjoy my success, not apologize for it.” 20 years of Charlotte. “Maybe we could be each other’s soulmates?” And 20 years of me, a woman who’s still not meant to be tamed. And who’s still madly in love with New York City. The thing about great relationships is you never stop finding new ways of falling in love. So I raised my head and said a prayer to my Holy Trinity: the fashion, the fun, and the holy coast. They say those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. But maybe great history is worth repeating—over, and over, and over again. #CarrieDragshaw Happy 20th SATC. ______________ Part 2 coming soon... Wait until you see who the costume designer was on this photo shoot 😱😍😱

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Las imágenes capturan el espíritu de la famosa serie, que sigue siendo punto de referencia en temas relativos a las relaciones amorosas, la amistad y el sexo.

A pesar de la transformación de interacción social a causa de dispositivos tecnológicos, la serie se ha convertido en atemporal, afirma Dan.

Happy National Coming Out Day! Before ▶️ After 🌈 In life, we spend a lot of time running. Running from our past, running from our present, sometimes even running from our truth. But if life teaches us anything, it’s this: You can never really run away. And maybe that’s a good thing. I couldn’t help but wonder: They say the truth hurts. But doesn’t it hurt a lot more trying to hide from it? Living in the closet like Zac Poser full of Versecrets and Lie-boutins. Is the real secret to escaping your pain—actually staring it down? Does coming out start by going in? Because eventually, you realize it’s not your truth that’s the problem—it’s the people who make you feel bad about it. Thankfully, love can outshine shame. Joy can outlast fear. And pride can outrun pain. As I looked around on a day dedicated to coming out, I had a thought: I’m here. I’m queer. And I’m happy. What makes you different is what makes you magical. Live out and love hard—starting with yourself. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle, because the world needs twinks to twinkle. And closets? Well, closets are for clothes. #CarrieDragshaw

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Dan confiesa que tomó su tiempo para salir del closet y expresar su fanatismo por la serie y el personaje; hasta que un divertido disfraz de Halloween parecía el pretexto perfecto.

Meanwhile, I was going loca in La La Land trying to stand out at the Standard. As I stepped back into L.A. in the same asymmetrical dress from 2000, I started thinking about change. You can change your clothes, you can change your hair, with the right doctor you can even change your face—but can you ever really change your self? And even if you can, do you then just discover something new that needs changing? Was my soul like a pair of mismatched Louboutins: colorful but confused, dazzling but always divided—one side where I am, one side where I want to be, a walking contradiction? ...TO BE CONTINUED #CarrieDragshaw 🚙🌴☀️⛱🛍 We are on location in L.A.!!! Every day this week we'll be serving up a different picture from Carrie's L.A. Odyssey—all shot in the EXACT Season 3 @thestandard locations, all wrapped up in an epic saga of a caption. I think this is the biggest week of Ms. Dragshaw’s little life and I can’t wait to share it all! I hope it adds a few smiles to your week. Huge thanks to @thestandard for having us. See you tomorrow 💝

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Las reacciones no se hicieron esperar en Instagram, incluida la de Parker, razón por la que el drag consultor de estrategia e innovación, continúa con el tributo enviando un mensaje de amor y libre expresión.

In life, it’s not always easy to tell dreams from reality. Sometimes you’re dreaming and it feels like you’re there, and sometimes you’re there and it feels like a dream. Sometimes fiction is so real it feels like life, and sometimes life is so farfetched it feels like you’re watching a fairytale. I couldn’t help but wonder: In matters of the heart, are we ever really in charge? Or are we destined to just Watch What Happens, Live? Maybe when you can’t believe your eyes…you have to trust your heart. After all, we so often live in our heads, but maybe we dream with our hearts. And days feel unreal when you’re dancing to the beat of love. In dreams, we get to fly through cities, and float through clouds, and walk through walls. We get to meet a queen, and maybe even become one. But I had a thought: Why wait to fall asleep before you try to fly? And why wait to die before you get to heaven? Maybe if you follow your heart, you can dream yourself awake. Dream big, dream little, dream quiet, dream loud, dream in, dream out, dream early, dream late—but whatever you do, dream. #CarrieDragshaw

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